"The Pier", 30"x30"

"Canyon Land", 36"x36"

"November Moon", 36"x36"

"Beaver Pond Reflections", 36"x36"

"Evening Kiss", 30"x40"

"Winter's Muse", 30"x40"

"Misty Morning ~ Block Island", 30"x40"

"Jackie's Stream", 36"x36"

"Birdland", 36"x36"

"Competing Birches", 36"x36"

"Fall Landscape", 36"x36"

"Orange Poppies", 36"x36"

"Sunflower III", 36"x36"

"The Office", 30"x30"

"The Estate", 30"x40"

"Red Barn", 30"x30"

"Winter Barn", 30"x30"

"Taconic Barn", 30"x30"

"GMC Dump Truck", 30"x30"

"Chevy Truck", 24"x24"

"GMC Truck", 24"x24"

"Old Truck", 24"x24"

"Big Red Dodge", 24"x24"

"International Harvester", 30"x30"

"One in Eight", 30"x40"

"The Pier", 30"x30""Canyon Land", 36"x36""November Moon", 36"x36""Beaver Pond Reflections", 36"x36""Evening Kiss", 30"x40""Winter's Muse", 30"x40""Misty Morning ~ Block Island", 30"x40""Jackie's Stream", 36"x36""Birdland", 36"x36""Competing Birches", 36"x36""Fall Landscape", 36"x36""Orange Poppies", 36"x36""Sunflower III", 36"x36""The Office", 30"x30""The Estate", 30"x40""Red Barn", 30"x30""Winter Barn", 30"x30""Taconic Barn", 30"x30""GMC Dump Truck", 30"x30""Chevy Truck", 24"x24""GMC Truck", 24"x24""Old Truck", 24"x24""Big Red Dodge", 24"x24""International Harvester", 30"x30""One in Eight", 30"x40"

All work available, price upon request.  Please see the Contact page for information on how to contact Scott Taylor directly.